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PESCO Bill Calculator 2024

Welcome to Pesco wapda bill calculator 2023. Enter the number of units (1 to 200) to calculate the estimated bill:

Enter Units (1 to 200):

Cost of electricity:  
F.C Surcharge:  
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  1. Determine Your Consumption: First, find out how many units (kilowatt-hours) of electricity you’ve consumed during the billing period. You can locate this information on your electricity meter or in your bill.
  2. Calculate the Bill for Different Consumption Ranges:
    • If your consumption is less than 100 units, the rate is 18 Rs. per unit.
    • If your consumption is between 100 and 200 units, the rate is 17 Rs. per unit.
    • If your consumption is between 200 and 300 units, the rate is 27 Rs. per unit.
  3. Calculate the Bill for Each Range:
    • For the first 100 units, multiply the number of units by the rate of 7 Rs. per unit.
    • For units between 100 and 200, multiply the excess units (units above 100) by the rate of 17 Rs. per unit.
    • For units between 200 and 300, multiply the excess units (units above 200) by the rate of 27 Rs. per unit.
Electricity Bill Calculator
Electricity Bill Calculator PESCOBILL.COM
  1. Sum Up the Individual Calculations:
    • Add up the bill for each of the ranges calculated in step 3.

Electricity Bill Calculation Formula for Pakistan:

Here’s an example calculation:

Suppose you consumed 300 units during the billing period:

  • First 100 units: 1 ton100 units × 7 Rs. per unit = 700 Rs.
  • Units between 1 to 200 and (200 units × 17 Rs. per unit)  × 17 Rs. per unit = 2,700 Rs.
  • Units between 1 to 300: (300 units ×27 Rs. per unit) × 27 Rs. per unit = 8100 Rs.
  1. Auto-Adding Units and Rupees Display:
    • The calculator has a display that shows both the units consumed and the cost (in Rupees) as you input your consumption.
    • As you enter the number of units, the calculator automatically calculates the cost based on the tariff rate (Rupees per unit).
  2. Unit Button:
    • There’s a dedicated “Unit” button that allows you to input the number of units you’ve consumed during the billing period.
  1. Kilowatt (kW) to Watt (W) Conversion Function:
    • The calculator can convert between kilowatts (kW) and watts (W). You can enter power values in kW or W, and it will perform the conversion for you.
  2. Time and Date Functions:
    • The calculator has a clock and calendar function that displays the current time and date.
    • It can be useful for tracking the time of usage for certain appliances or for noting down billing dates.
  3. Auto-Month and Year Function:
    • The calculator can automatically update the month and year to match the current date. This can be useful for estimating bills for different billing cycles without manual adjustment.

Here’s a basic example of how you might use this calculator:

  1. Press the “Unit” button and enter the number of units you’ve consumed.
  2. The calculator displays the total cost based on the entered units and the applicable tariff rate (e.g., 7 Rs. per unit for the first 100 units, 17 Rs. per unit for 101-200 units, and 27 Rs. per unit for 201-300 units).
  3. The calculator can also convert power values between kW and W when needed.

Downloading a Free Online Electricity Bill Calculator

Using the Calculator

Once you’ve found a suitable online electricity bill calculator, it’s time to put it to use. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Enter Your Location: The calculator may request your location or zip code to determine local utility rates. Providing this information ensures an accurate estimate.

2. Input Your Energy Usage: You’ll need to input your energy usage details, which can typically be found on your previous electricity bills. This may include your kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage over a specific period.

3. Customize the Calculator: Some calculators allow you to further customize the estimate by specifying the time period you’d like to calculate. For instance, you can estimate your monthly, quarterly, or yearly electricity costs.

4. Review the Estimate: After entering all the required data, the calculator will generate an estimate of your electricity bill based on your input.

Using the Results

The estimate provided by the calculator can be a valuable tool for managing your electricity expenses. Here’s how you can make the most of the results:

1. Budgeting: Use the estimate to create a more accurate budget for your monthly expenses. This can help you avoid surprises when the actual bill arrives.

2. Energy Conservation: If the estimate is higher than expected, you can identify areas where you can reduce your energy consumption, such as turning off lights and appliances when not in use or using energy-efficient appliances.

3. Comparison: You can use the estimate to compare different scenarios, such as the cost of switching to energy-efficient appliances or installing solar panels.

4. Cost Reduction: Implement energy-saving measures to reduce your actual electricity bill based on the insights from the estimate.

Calculate Your Bills with Ease:

This versatile calculator allows you to estimate your electricity bills effortlessly. To get your estimate, follow these simple steps:

  1. Enter the total units consumed.
  2. The calculator will generate your estimated bill.
  3. Repeat the process for different power supply companies.

Now, let’s explore how to calculate bills for specific electricity companies:

LESCO Bill Calculator 2023:

If you’re a LESCO consumer and need an estimate, our user-friendly calculator has you covered. By inputting your electricity units, you’ll instantly receive an estimated bill, including taxes and additional charges. Best of all, this service is entirely free. Click the button to calculate your LESCO bill now.

MEPCO Bill Calculator 2023:

For MEPCO customers, our handy electricity bill calculator simplifies the process. Just enter your electricity units, and the calculator will automatically compute all taxes and other charges, giving you an accurate estimate. You can also verify your MEPCO bill online through our website. Click the button to check your MEPCO bill for 2023.

FESCO Bill Calculator 2023:

Faisalabad residents, if you’re looking to calculate your FESCO bill, you’re in the right place. Our calculator provides you with an estimated FESCO bill once you enter your electricity units. To check your FESCO bill online, click the button below.

HESCO Bill Calculator 2023:

HESCO customers can now easily estimate their bills using our calculator. Enter the number of units consumed, and the calculator will generate your HESCO estimated bill. To check your HESCO bill online, click the button.

IESCO Bill Calculator 2023:

If you’re an IESCO customer, you can calculate your bill without hassle. Enter your electricity units to receive your estimated IESCO bill. You can also obtain a copy of your IESCO duplicate bill or print your bill online. Click the button to check your IESCO bill.

PESCO Bill Calculator 2023:

Peshawar residents and PESCO customers, rejoice! With our calculator, you can now calculate your PESCO bill with ease. Enter your units, and the calculator will generate your estimated bill. Click the button to check your PESCO bill online.

GEPCO Bill Calculator 2023:

GEPCO customers can rely on our calculator for hassle-free bill estimation. By entering your units, you’ll receive your estimated GEPCO bill. To check your GEPCO bill online, click the button.

QESCO Bill Calculator 2023:

Quetta residents can use our calculator to estimate their QESCO bill effortlessly. Enter your units, and the calculator will provide your QESCO estimated bill. Click the button to check your QESCO bill online.

TESCO Bill Calculator 2023:

For customers of the Tribal Areas Electricity Supply Company, we offer calculators to estimate your bill. Enter your units to receive your TESCO estimated bill. Click the button to check your TESCO bill.

SEPCO Bill Calculator 2023:

Sukkur Electricity Supply Company (SEPCO) customers can now estimate their bills easily. Enter your consumed units, and the SEPCO bill calculator will provide your estimated bill. Click the button to check your SEPCO bill online.