Customer Care & Billing System (CC&B) – Empowering Pakistan’s Electricity Billing Services

Customer Care & Billing System (CC&B) – Empowering Pakistan’s Electricity Billing Services

The Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) system stands as a cornerstone service offered by the Pakistan Information Technology Company (PITC). This pivotal application extends its software support to ten power distribution companies in Pakistan, known as DISCOs (Distribution Companies), facilitating the seamless processing of electricity bills and the collection of cash from approximately 21.0 million consumers on a monthly basis. These operations are executed at 25 data processing centers that span across Pakistan, serving the entire nation, with the exception of KESC consumers. The CC&B application encompasses a range of sub-systems, each designed to streamline and enhance various aspects of the billing process:

  1. Data Entry/Validation/Posting System: This system efficiently captures and validates data before it is posted.
  2. Divisional Level Billing System: Tailored to the unique needs of divisions within the power distribution network.
  3. Billing System for General Consumers: Designed to address the billing needs of residential consumers.
  4. Billing System for Industrial Consumers: Customized for the billing requirements of industrial clients.
  5. Department Billing System: Focused on handling the billing processes within different departments.
  6. Corporate Billing System: This system streamlines billing operations for corporate clients.
  7. Bar-coded Bill Printing System: Enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of bill printing.
  8. Dead Defaulter Billing System: Addressing bill collection from defaulting consumers.
  9. Cash Flow/Collection System: Ensures efficient collection of payments.
  10. Re-Routing System: Helps reroute resources for better efficiency.
  11. Surveillance System: Provides oversight of billing operations.
  12. Employee Billing System: Addresses the unique billing needs related to employees.
  13. Tariff Differential Subsidies Reporting System: Manages subsidies offered under different tariffs.

CIS (New Billing System)

PITC is dedicated to modernizing its legacy Billing module, ushering in a new era of technological advancements. As part of this initiative, MEPCO has been chosen as the pilot DISCO for implementation. The parallel run of the newly developed CIS has already commenced successfully, with approximately 1.7 million customers going live during the billing cycle of July 2015. This transformation introduces a range of innovative features and enhancements, including:

a) Web-Based Architecture: The new system adopts a web-based architecture for enhanced accessibility and efficiency.

b) State-of-the-Art Technologies: Incorporates cutting-edge technologies to optimize performance.

c) Incorporating New User Requirements: Addresses evolving user requirements in the context of corporate scenarios.

d) Industry-Standard RDBMS: Utilizes industry-standard Relational Database Management Systems for robust data management.

e) Maximum Reliance on Organizational Resources: Aims to leverage the full potential of organizational resources.

f) Facilitating Robust Decision-Making: Provides opportunities for power sector organizations to make more informed and robust decisions.

This new system’s success in MEPCO sets the stage for its replication in other DISCOs throughout 2015-16, further advancing Pakistan’s electricity billing infrastructure.

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