To check your SEPCO online bill

follow these steps:

  • Visit our official website
  • Look for the section that allows you to check your bill. It may be labeled as “View Bill” or something similar.
  • You’ll need your 14-digit reference number. This number is typically found on your previous electricity bills.
  • Enter the 14-digit reference number in the specified field.
  • Click the “Submit” or “Check Bill” button.
  • Your SEPCO bill details, including the amount, due date, and the full bill, should appear on the screen.
  • You may have the option to download a copy of the bill or print it for payment.

Additional Tips for Checking SEPCO Online Bill:

  • It is recommended to use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome as your web browser for a smoother experience.
  • Ensure you use an A4 page size to print the bill correctly.
  • Adjust your page setup settings to delete any header and footer values and choose portrait orientation for optimal printing.

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