October 2023 SEPCO Bill Duplicate

Looking for Your October 2023 SEPCO Bill?

Look no further! At sepcobill.com, you can effortlessly check and download your SEPCO bill online. Our user-friendly platform offers quick access to your current billing details, including the bill amount and due date, and provides a complete bill for your records. All you need is your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer number.

How to Check Your SEPCO Electricity Bill

To check your SEPCO electricity bill, simply enter your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer number. If you are unsure where to locate this information, please refer to the highlighted section in the image on the website. You can easily check your bill amount using this reference number or customer number.

About SEPCO: Sukkur Electric Power Company

: Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) and operates under WAPDA  .

Founded on July 10, 2010, SEPCO has played a pivotal role in meeting the electricity demands of Sukkur and its neighboring areas.This website sepcobill.com is free of cost, user-friendly platform and you can check your SEPCO  online  bill by Reference, Duplicate Bill, SEPCO BILL PAYMENT MATHED, Download and Print online SEPCO BILL and Old bijli bill.
Location: SEPCO’s main office is situated in Sukkur, within the Sindh province of Pakistan.

you can check your LESCO bill.

Areas Covered by SEPCO

And other Area of Sukkur City, Ghotki, Khairpur,Rani Pur,Gambat, Naushahro Feroze, Nawabshah (Shaheed Benazirabad), Larkana, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Kashmore, Kandhkot

How to Check Your Bill

SEPCOBill.com offers you instant access to your bill details, including the invoiced amount and payment due date. When you view your complete bill, you’ll find additional information such as the meter reading date, bill issue date, and charges by the due date. You can also track your bill payment history for the past 12 months to ensure your bills are paid.

SEPCO Peak Hours

SEPCO encourages customers to reduce their electricity usage during peak hours to lower utility costs and stabilize the local electricity supply. Peak hours are as follows:

  • December to February:
  • TIME 5 pm to 9 pm
  • March to May:
  • TIME 6 pm to 10 pm
  • June to August
  • TIME 7 pm to 11 pm
  • September to November:
  • TIME 6 pm to 10 pm

How to Check Your SEPCO Bill Online

To check your SEPCO bill online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the sepcobill.com website.
  2. Enter your 14-digit reference number.
  3. View the current bill amount and due date.
  4. Click “View Entire Invoice” to view the complete bill or download a copy.

SEPCO Bill SMS Service: You can also receive billing information via SMS by texting “pitc [14-digit reference number]” to 8334.

New Connection or Transfer Process

If you need a new connection or want to transfer an existing connection, please follow the instructions on the website. The same procedure applies to changing the name on an invoice.

Taxes on SEPCO Invoices

SEPCO invoices may contain various taxes, including:

  • FPA (Fuel Price Adjustment): Refers to the fuel price of the rental power company.
  • TR Surcharge (Tariff Rationalization Surcharge): Difference between NEPRA and GOP tariffs.
  • FC Surcharge (Financing Cost): Levied to ensure debt repayment.
  • Deferred Amount: Amount of a bill that can be paid later without delay.

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